Mercedes-Benz Museum – Pride of Stuttgart

Mercedes Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Museum – Pride of Stuttgart

This has been a unique monument itself and the history of the automobile with his most unusual museum building and with an inside which is every part as interesting.

One must not necessarily be a car fan to succumb to the fascination of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. On 16,500 square meters of visitors through the nine levels of a spiralling double helix the world famous auto brand converts. Impressively staged 160 vehicles, while film clips, music, and exciting exhibits are alive let the time story.

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart
Many vehicles are available on exhibition, including legends such as the oldest surviving Mercedes from 1902, the famous compressor vehicles of the 1920s and1930s and the legendary Gullwing. Exhibits from all historical periods, vehicles from the direct pre-owned and famous personalities from all areas of the motorized mobility can be seen. Powerful and elegant at the same time there are the famous “Silver Arrows” in the banking is present.

Extensive information about the visitor on an audio guide, which is available in eight different languages and consists of four theme areas. Get more information on our Stuttgart page, or read about the early history of Stuttgart.


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