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About Stuttgart

Stuttgart is the sixth-largest city based in Germany with a population of about 600,068. The city is popularly known as a manufacturing hub. The industry city hosts some of the Germany’s popular automakers, fashion designers and cultural spots. If you are a wine enthusiasts, classic car fanatic, or cultural junky, then you will enjoy spending time in Stuttgart. Stuttgart is home to some of the earliest landmarks in Germany. These landmarks include; the ultra-modern Television Tower and Collegiate Church. It is not surprising the Stuttgart is a great place to live. The city is famous or luscious urban green spaces and parks essential in the development of modern city planning. Below are some of the places you should visit in Stuttgart:


The schlossplatz is among the most amazing architectural views in central Stuttgart. The spacious public square centred close to Konig Wilhelm Jubilee column makes it convenient for visitors. In essence, the area is a wide space with several green spots and flowers. You will never miss inspiring events such as open air concert, public viewing or festivals in Schlossplatz. You can sit somewhere with your milkshake, juice or whatever you like and enjoy reading your favorite book. This is the place to relax after a tiresome day at work, or shopping trip.

The Sepulchral Chapel on Wurttemberg Hill

This breathtaking structure was built between 1820 and 1824 and is locally known as Grabkapelle. It boasts of a domed rotunda in the neoclassical design inspired by Pantheon in Rome. King Wilhelm erected this monument after the premature death of his wife, Queen Katharina.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stuttgart love affair with automobile started way back in 1887 when Gotlieb Daimler and Wilhelm established their stores here. The superb Mercedes-Benz museum is a must visit spot for automobile fanatics. The museum holds exhibits related to the development of the automobile, with more than 160 different vehicles. Consider visiting the nearby Unterturkheim diesel engine factory that is open for tours.

Killesberg park and tower

The lovely 123-acre open space was originally built in 1939 as a venue for a horticultural show. Most of the structures used or flower shows and other events date back to its pre-war opening. Killesberg Railway, a narrow-gauge railway that provides fun excursions around the park during summer, is the most popular original structure. The latest attraction site, the killesberg, is a 40 meter-tall tower that offers breathtaking views of the park and its surrounding. If you happen to visit Stuttgart in July, ensure that you visit Lichterfest Stuttgart, a festival whereby the park is decorated using thousands of lanterns.

Konigstrasse and the Hauptbahnhof

For self-indulgence lovers, Konigstrasse is a must visit locations in Stuttgart. You will find the best shopping in the many boutique shops and galleries in the largest pedestrian precinct. Visitors can engage in cafe hopping, fine dining as well as live shows. The city’s main Rail terminus, the Hauptbahnhof is centred here. The spectacular landmark is popular for the huge Mercedes long perching on its 58-meter tower. Built between 1914 and 1928, the terminus is currently being renovated to be a part of the city’s subway network.

Schillerplatz old town

This old town is the home to Friedrich Schiller monument, one of the most popular poet, historian, dramatist and poet in Germany. Weekly markets are held in the square while the annual Christmas festivals are held at the nearby Marktplatz.

Stuttgart has a major airport which make it an easy place for transportation. Driveline are always here to help you travel in luxury!


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